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75 mm Regal pencil pleat tape $2.85/m

75mm pencil pleat tape cream white

Cream or white. Suitable for all fabrics. 2.5 to 3 times fullness. 3 cord draws, 3 woven pockets.

Regal tape has a good body to support your curtain heading. (Code 39449)


50mm Transparent Heading Tape $3.85/m

50mm transparent curtain heading tape

For use with sheer fabrics, 2 draw cords, 2 rows woven pockets

2 to 2.5 times fullness (code 39430)


35mm Supreme Tape $1.95/m

35 mm curtain heading tape gathering tape

Narrow heading tape for simple gather. Suitable for all fabrics 2 times

fullness. White or cream. 1 Woven pocket, 2 draw cords (code 39451)


50mm Mini Pleat Tape $2/m

50mm mini pleat curtain heading tape

White only. 2 rows string pockets, 2 draw cords, 2.5 times fullness. Perfect for light to

medium curtains. (code39447)


75mm Transparent Heading Tape $4.45/m

75mm transparent curtain heading tape

Perfect for long curtains in delicate or sheer fabrics.

3 Rows woven pockets, 3 draw cords. 2 to 2.5 fullness (code 39434)


55mm Maxi Supreme Tape $2.35/m

55mm maxi supreme curtain heading tape

Available in white only. This tape creates a continuous flow of pleats-tight

and neat. 2.5 to 3 times fullness. (code 39431)

Tie Back Hooks

Brass Chrome Silver Black Tie Back Hooks

Brass, Black & Chrome

$4.00 each


Pinch Pleat Hooks

Pinch Pleat hooks, curtain hooks

76 mm long

-8mm, 0mm, 13mm, 25mm or 38mm heading:

pack 14  $ 4.95

pack 200 $37.50

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