About Us

The online fabric shop is an Australian family operated business that has been servicing home designers and commercial businesses for the past twenty two years in both retail and wholesale markets. Operating successfully online since 2008.

We love fabrics and enjoy sharing our expertise and knowledge with our customers. We operate our  soft furnishing workroom, with experienced staff which make quality furnishings.  We deliver custom made furnishings weekly throughout Australia, our clientelle includes Australian Architects and designers, the  rural and remote Australian population who do not have access to fabrics and curtain making, as well as busy city clients, who can arrange their curtains from the comfort of their desks.

We generally can have your curtains made and delivered within three weeks, which is incredible.

We are curtain fabric and upholstery fabric specialists that can deliver virtually any curtain or upholstery fabric to your door. We deliver to all locations through out Australia and we will also deliver to international locations.

As well as local and imported fabrics we have a range of discounted and wholesale fabrics for sale.

Sheer Fabric

Sheer curtain fabrics are available in natural & manmade fibres. Sheers curtain fabrics are a great option to use when daytime privacy is required. Sheer curtain fabrics can be applied to a traditional or contemporary design. Sheer curtain fabrics can be used indpendently or with a lining or solid curtain fabric or blind behind.

Great for windows facing the street or a close neighbour.

Floral Fabrics

Contemporary curtain fabrics & bold curtain fabrics or  even small english cottage prints. Search the floral section in our fabric library.

Linen Fabric
Linen fabrics are in. Classic and Natural fibres are in demand. Easy to work with, great for upholstery. A little stiff for curtaining, beware creasing will occur if the curtains are used regularly. Howver we have clients who love that natural crumpled look.

Silk Fabric
Whether local or imported we can deliver to your door some of the most beautiful silk fabrics on offer. We can offer you a genuine silk or man-made silk. We have some great specials at present on our silk fabrics.

Home Theatre and Stage Curtain Fabrics
Whether for your intimate home theatre or for your school hall stage we have fabrics and materials that will do the job AND look great. If sound absorption and acoustic properties are important we have bumph fabrics and our new insulate lining. Remember you can spend a fortune on sound equipment, but if the room does not offer fabric to    absorb the sound, your equipment want be maximised.

WE can offer fire retardant stage curtaining for commercial theatres. Otherwise you for the home theatre you can choose any of our fabrics, and we will recommend the best lining for acoustics and light block.

Outdoor fabrics
The great weather in our part of the world has enabled the home designer to extend their use of fabrics to the outdoors. Fortunately technology has produced some beautiful outdoor fabrics for outdoor seating, outdoor loose covers and sun lounges etc.

Our outdoor fabrics are woven with an acrylic fibre, which means they are water resistant, stain resistant and fade resistant.  Dust and grime will settle on the surface so all they need is a good vacumm.  

There texture is similar to a light denim, they are great to sew and ideal for all upholstery or even curtains.

Lining Fabric
To assist in reducing the debilitating effects of sunlight you can attach a lining fabric to your curtain. This lining fabric can be either total blockout or light translucent. Linings will protect your curtains, furnishings and floorcoverings.

Bumph:  Is a flanelette like fabric, increases insulation in cold environments, also helps to absorb external noise.

1pass: Is a polyester cotton base cloth sprayed with one layer of acrylic membrane.  This lining will protect your curtain and reflect suns heat.  It is available in white , ivory and colours. This lining should be dry cleaned.

2pass: Is rarely used today. It is also a polyester cotton base cloth, sprayed with one layer of acrylic membrane , followed by a black substance to block 100%light out.  The disadvantage is that it does have a grey appearance.  Also required drycleaning.

3pass:  This lining is a polyester cotton base cloth sprayed with a white acrylic membrane, followed by a black membrane then another coat of white acrylic.  This lining is available in white, ivory or colours.

Uncoated polyester: this fabric is very poplular as it is machine washable, has a huge life span and is available in wide width.  This lining will protect your fabric, and is light translucent meaning it will still allow light to gently travel through the main fabric.  Great for living areas, or anywhere that you don't require a total blockout lining.

insulate polyester lining.  This is a triple weave fabric, extremely thick and great for sound and hot and cold insulation.  Available in many colours, however it does not come in a clean white.  The whites always appear greyish so not recommended behind sheer type fabrics.  This fabric is machine washable and has a huge life span.


coated Fabrics or Blockout Fabrics
Again we have an enormous variety of coated fabrics and block out fabrics to suit every application.  Blockout fabric can be the traditional coated (or what people describe as rubber backed), they are actually coated with an acrylic membrane, the disadvantage is that they do require dry cleaining and don't hang as softly as a lined curtain.

Triple weave polyester linings are the newest blockout fabrics available, they hang very softly and are machine washable.  Possible not as easy to sew as the traditional coated.

Fire Retardant Fabrics
Fire retardant fabric is often a government requirement in commercial premises, you should check with local authorities if you are working on a public or commercial project. If requested we will provide a fire retardant fabric certificate with your order at no cost. Fire retardant fabric is available in virtually any colour you require. We recommend trevira fabrics which are permanently fire retardant.

WE can also offer a fire retardant treatment to any of our fabrics.  This treatment will be effective upto four curtains cleans.  The fire retardant treatment is $9per metre, and will also have a fire retardant certificate for your commerical projects.


The Online Fabric Shop can also offer a large array of basic chain operated roller blinds, romans, venetians and panel tracks.  All our blinds are guaranteed for three years.  Our blinds will be 30% less than what you would expect to pay for blinds elsewhere.  These are custom made quality blinds, not cheap packaged blinds.  So please don't compare our blind quality to boxed items available in chain stores, which are great for short term coverage.

Discount Curtains

WE can offer a huge saving in custom curtain making, as you provide your measurements and don't pay for home visits.  It quick , easy with a successful result, all online.

Expect to pay 30% less for lined or unlined , pleated curtains. Expect to pay 30% less for all your curtain hardware needs. tracks, rods poles, we supply it all.

Ex display curtains and surplus curtains can be purchased at discount curtain prices from our discounted products page...tale a look at that page, you may find exactly what you want on our discount bargain page.

Tracks Rods and Poles

Any curtain tracks, curtain rods and curtain poles can be purchased from your Online Fabric Shop. Just email and ask for a price for your curtain track, curtain rod or curtain pole.

Tie Back Hooks, Curtain Hooks, Pinch Pleat Hooks, Pin Sharp Hooks and Gathering Hooks

Brass hooks, chrome hooks, silver hooks and black hooks can be purchased to tie back your curtains at the On Line Fabric Shop. These are top quality tie back hooks which will not bend. With your do it yourself curtains you will need gathering hooks, pinch pleat hooks, pin sharp hooks and tapes.

Curtain Tapes, Stiffening Tape, Gathering Tape, Pinch Pleat Tape and Buckram

The DYI curtain specialist will require a variety of curtain tape including stiffening tape, gathering tape, pinch pleat tape and buckram.  The  make your own curtain enthusiast  will love our discounted prices on all our curtain tapes. We can provide making assistance, fabric, lining, tape and hooks. + the track to hang from.  All Curtain accesories available from one website.

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